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Haute-Spot Presents Interview with Chef Spike Creator of Good Stuff Eatery at Capitol Hill, Washington DC
Haute-Spot Presents Good Stuff Eatery Shake Make. Chef Spike From Top Chef Shows Mega How to Make a Good Stuff Eatery Shake
Haute-Spot Presents Tom the owner of Market Lunch at Eastern Market in DC. Market Lunch is THE best place to get a delicious breakfast or blue buck pancakes. Presents Travel Videos for the Urban Explorer. The coolest places to go, the best food to eat, and more fun than you know what to do with. Learn more about the places that WE take our friends when they come for a visit. We are in pre-production on the newest season, so email us your Haute Spot Suggestions to

Staring: Megan Keener • Executive Producer Kevin Holmgren • Director Kevin Holmgren • Cinematography Emmy Award Winner Jason Brown • Emmy Award Winner Hanna Richardson • Editor Mark "Shark" Gillins • Motion Graphics Jason Brown & Kevin Holmgren • Audio Brian Gilliland • Audio Joe Millado • Production Assistance Brian Gilliland • Joe Millado • Series Creator Kevin Holmgren • Music by Richard Nixon and the Young Republicans "Change" (used with premission) • Shot on Location in Washington DC

The crew wish to thank all who participated, encouraged, helped, assisted, etc, and watched and critiqued our first few podcasts. To all the people featured in our video, thanks!